Annually, the Project recruits a select number of highly talented and motivated individuals who have usually reached middle to senior levels of their careers. A few high potential individuals in the formative years of their careers are selected.

Those selected are vigorously promoted by a variety of direct and indirect methods. Members profiles along with their pictures are published in a directory which is widely circulated to diverse publics, including corporate chief executive officers, high level government officials, the local and national press and charitable organizations.

Members are given high visibility by being featured in local and national media such as Black Enterprise, Ebony Jet, The Business Journal, Tribune Newspapers, and the Arizona Republic.

Members are nominated and selected for awards and recognitions by many organizations including the City of Phoenix, Girl Scouts, YWCA, The Business Journal, and Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. They are nominated to give speeches and write articles that are read by decision makers. They are presented at the project’s annual dinner where they meet leaders from the private and public sectors.

Many employers pay for the participation of their employees including: Honeywell, Arizona State University, Motorola, Northern Arizona University, State Farm Insurance Company, AT&T, American Express, City of Phoenix, City of Tempe, State of Arizona, Wells Fargo, and Pinnacle West.

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